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What does it take to create an effective television commercial?

What does it take to create an effective television commercial? First, let me preface this by saying that my area of expertise does not lie in the creative arena, so feel free to disagree with me if you are a Creative Guru. But, over the years, I’ve found that almost...

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Is Facebook becoming Big Brother?

It was announced last week that Facebook is serving real-time ads based upon keywords in status updates. They are testing the algorithm to only 1% of Facebook users. As a marketer, I am intrigued by the implications of having access to consumers at key decision-making...

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Taking Risks and (Dis)Placing Blame

As I’m sure you all have heard by now, the Internet giant Groupon has dumped the agency CP&B following some risqué ads featured during the Super Bowl and on (And if you haven’t heard by now, read more here) In Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Groupon CEO Andrew Mason...

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March Madness’ Media Madness

It is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament like you have never seen it before. Never has there been so much instantaneous television coverage. And never before has March Madness had such a cyberspace presence, either. While much to-do has been made of the new...

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The Wonders of Spring

Baseball was always more than just a game to me. It’s part of American culture and ingrained in my blood. Since I was a kid playing Little League, I always looked forward to the first day I could get out and throw a ball around. Now that my skills (or lack of) don’t...

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Bouvier Kelly Wins Three at 2011 ADDY Awards

Bouvier Kelly, one of the Triad’s leading advertising, marketing and public relations agencies, picked up one gold and two silver awards at the 2011 ADDY Awards on March 5. More than 100 people representing creative agencies throughout the region were in attendance at...

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Lesley Thompson returns to BKI

Lesley Thompson has accepted a position with Bouvier Kelly as the agency’s Media Director. Thompson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising, including a previous 11-year stint with Bouvier Kelly. She has an extensive background in media...

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Welcome Back, Lesley Thompson

Lesley Thompson has rejoined the agency as Media Director! We are thrilled to have her back at the helm of the best Media Services Group in the southeast. (Of course, I’m prejudiced – what would you expect?) It was hard to say “goodbye and good luck” to her when,...

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Leveraging Our City’s Assets

It was an awesome sight. Close to a hundred of Greensboro’s best and brightest leaders gathered in the Empire Room to learn what the City’s business and higher education CEO’s envision for our future. Their plans are the result of an unprecedented collaborative effort...

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Personal credibility in the social media age

I just learned about an important casualty of society’s seemingly unlimited ability to communicate everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Apparently, after a few years of exposure to each others’ cyber-delivered insights and takes on the world, we have reached a...

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Southern is Scrumptious: New Yorkers, eat your heart out.

High on my list of favorite projects is the opportunity to share Biscuitville’s national acclaim thanks to NY chef Elizabeth Karmel’s praise in a recent issue of Saveur magazine. Saveur magazine is a gorgeous, glossy bi-monthly publication full of mouth-watering...

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Knowing when to say when… and tweeting responsibly.

I am going to vent today in our blog about one of my social media pet peeves. Those who know me know that I have pet peeves at times and, well, get a little passionate about them. So… if this is you, well, don’t ever admit to me that you do this, ok? One of my pet...

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