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BK Goes Beer Tasting

For our August tasting, Sam enlisted the help of Greensboro’s newest brewery, Pig Pounder Brewery. Despite the seemingly questionable nature of the name, Pig Pounder is actually a reference to a popular brew the founders had created early in their beer-making careers....

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Crafting a Perfect Brainstorm

Brainstorming in a group can be extremely effective. Different thoughts and perspectives coming together to create bulletproof ideas that lead to strong campaigns. But if mismanaged, it can be a waste of time. Here are a couple pointers on how to make the most out of...

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BBQ Taste Test

Our barbecue blind taste test selections included chopped pork, hushpuppies and barbecue slaw from Country Barbecue (Lexington style), barbecue chicken wings and hushpuppies from Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q (Eastern style), and just to throw people off, some...

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TEDxGreensboro 2014

TEDxGreensboro – The Future, Regardless…. Who’s TED? What’s X? Well, TED isn’t a person – it stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.  And TED isn’t a place. It’s X= an independently organized community event. TED and x together, TEDx, are a concept.  It’s the...

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Cinco de Mayo

Bouvier Kelly celebrated Cinco de Mayo in style, enjoying a taste test of several types of chips and fine salsas, a festive atmosphere created by some Mariachi music, and a few margaritas for good measure.   Our sampling consisted of: Chipotle salsa (hot and...

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Tea Time at BKI

Adding our Bouvier Kelly twist to the tradition of Afternoon Tea, we decided to try our hand at creating our own tea blends. Using a variety of the ingredients that you will typically see, we each made the blend that suited us best. We can report that green and black...

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Those Elusive Open Rates

Have you ever hesitated before registering for a website or giving out your email address because you fear the barrage that is sure to follow? Have you ever created a separate email to use just for such occasions? Have you ever tried to ignore the constant stream of...

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BKI Celebrates Pi(e) Day and Sanctuary House

For those of you who may not know, Pi(e) Day is the celebration of the mathematical digit pi, 3.14, and the delicious dessert, pie, which is observed on March 14th. Bouvier Kelly celebrated in style by ordering some pies from A Sweet Success Bakery here in Greensboro....

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Now Hiring: Account Manager – Digital Focus

We are seeking a highly motivated person to develop and manage agency accounts. Our ideal candidate is a dynamic, motivated and organized individual with excellent written and presentation skills. Knowledge and experience in current and future social media practices...

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5 Things To Consider In 2014 Marketing Planning

1. Make absolutely sure you know what your customers want. There is so much competition in every marketplace, that one misstep can cause havoc to your bottom line. Budget resources for qualitative and/or quantitative research. Spend some personal time behind the...

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Happy Halloween from Boooooooooooouvier Kelly!

A proctologist, Bert & Ernie, a ballerina, one of the village people, a pair of cowgirls, a butterfly, a bmx stunt man, and Death himself walk in a bar.   That sounds like that start of a really bad joke, but really it's just Halloween at Bouvier Kelly. We hope...

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Are taglines dead? My grandma says no.

Last month, AdWeek asked if taglines were dying. With some brands foregoing tags altogether and others utilizing more of a signature signoff to wrap up body copy, where does that leave the traditional tagline? I had an epiphany the other day when shopping with my...

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